My name is Cary Wolff

I'm a co-founder of Black Matter Labs, an experiemental project illuminator. A lead software engineer at Guardian Life, a 160+ year old fortune 500 insurance company. One of the two cosmic brothers at Golden Armor Games, a game company making games we would actually play. An everynow and then coder for CrowdFounders who make Idiotbox a hardware crypto wallet and NFT marketplace. Husband to an outstanding human being and shockingly talented artist named Resse. Father of a 13 year old logically sarcastic, slayer of dance moves, named Ryann and a 2 year old teeth showing, tail wagging, leg biting, t-rex who is also my son, named Loki.

I am currently working on a few side projects:

  • Protoloop - a quick prototype user feedback tool

  • Game (working name) - a card game engine for the web

  • Graphler - a graphql schema parser that generates filled postman and insomnia collections

  • theme-tui - an easy to use ternimal user interface library for rust